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Upskill & Expand Your Horizons with Technology of the Future

Develop Your Own Mixed Reality Application

We'll guide you through the stepping stones to develop in C# with Unity.

Hands-On Experience with the Latest Tech

Try out cutting edge hardware such as the Microsoft HoloLens 2, Magic Leap, Oculus and HTC Vive for yourself with our interactive demo experiences.

Key Business Use Cases & Fundamentals

Learn how Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & Mixed Reality applications can benefit both you or your business with our industry leading use cases.

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Why Choose Our Course?

Our industry experts are pioneers in Mixed Reality

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Mixed Reality Is The Future

This next-generation technology completely revolutionises the way we view and interact with our world.

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Experience The Microsoft HoloLens

Create and publish your very own immersive experience from scratch with exclusive access to the latest Microsoft HoloLens.

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Learn From The Best

Armed with industry experience, our instructors are excited to share their knowledge to help you become a force in this emerging industry.

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Unique Environment

Our small class size caters for an interactive learning environment and a comfortable lesson pace to maximise your learning experience.

Media Showcase

Here's a sneak peak of some of our initiatives & projects

Course Content

Here's what you will learn during your Mixed Reality journey

  • Hands-On with the Microsoft HoloLens 2, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive & many other devices
  • Experience for yourself what it feels like to be in the world of immersive media
  • Delve into the concepts and applications of Mixed Reality applications
  • Understand the software and frameworks used in Mixed Reality design
  • Discover where the technology is heading and how it is transforming the future
  • Learn to code using C# (No Coding Experience Required)
  • Build and design an application on Unity
  • Use and navigate Microsoft Visual Studio and Unity Editor
  • Use Microsoft .NET Framework, C# and Unity to create 3D apps
  • Get acquainted with the primary means of interaction on the HoloLens
  • Learn how to manipulate and select holographic objects and menus through gaze, voice and gestures
  • Understand how the HoloLens interacts with the real world
  • Harness the skill of using Vuforia to recognise real-world objects
  • Share and collaborate your very own Mixed Reality experience that you have created with others

Course Schedule

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Freqently Asked Questions

If you've got questions, we've got answers

The Mixed Reality Developer Course consists of 4 lessons of 4 hours each. We do also have course runs for you to attend 2 lessons in a single day if you prefer.
Yes definitely! No prior coding experience is needed.

Our course content is catered for those who do not know how to code as well as those who have a basic knowledge of coding. Our course instructors will walk you through step by step to build your very first Mixed Reality application.
No. You will be emailed your account details for our Learning Management System (LMS) which contains our available course dates.

You may then select your preferred course dates at your own convenience.
You may login to our Learning Management System (LMS) with your account details which we've sent to your email.

Once logged in, you can register for a new course and view the courses which you have signed up for.

Have more questions or simply need some advice?

We will be glad to answer all your queries. Contact us at the following channels.

More FAQs can also be found at this link.

Don’t take our word

Here are what our past students have to say

The course allows me to dive deeper into the world of immersive realities. The Trainers are very experienced and engaging. The course size is just nice and I felt that it’s in a way bespoke to the audience.

It allows me to appreciate the requirements needed for mixed reality development specific to the industry that I’m in. It’s highly informative with hands-on practices.

The crash course on coding allows me to swiftly manoeuvre through the development coursework required. For someone without much coding background, this definitely amazing that a mixed reality coursework can be done with just a 2 full day commitment.

Highly recommended for beginners and to those who would like to know more about the evolving technology.

Shirley Ho
Digital Learning Specialist

Through this course, I had a good understanding on the current landscape of mixed reality and even virtual reality and augmented reality.

The small class size and hands on aspect of this class enabled to pick up useful skills and tools to kickstart my journey in developing MR applications!


UX Design Student & Researcher


Our team of industry experts are ready to welcome you into the world of immersive media.

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